Who are we?

We're an ordinary little family in Kuala Lumpur.Now,Mama Mazni is a full time housewife; Papa Zamzairi is an aquaculturist. And Baby Sofea, the long waited next generation of our family, is a bit of drama queen and the reason for this blog.

What Happened?
Sofea was born in Government Hospital (in Selangor) on Sepetember 8th 2010. I was admitted to hospital on Setember 4th 2010. Due to GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus), I have undergone induce for three (3) times with pitocin. I have reported to the doctors and nurses that my water bag was burst since September 6th 2010, but unfortunately I was unattended. By the time she was born, she had no heartbeat. She was very unwell little girl.

What was the diagnosis?
Sofea was diagnosed with hypoxic echemic encephalopathy- Grade III, due to Group B Streptococus (GBS) and  1 hour 20 minutes seizures she suffered after birth.

What was the prognosis?

After two (2) weeks, Sofea's neonatal specialist felt that Sofea would be severely disabled, and could have outcomes such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy and developmental delays, with problem feeding herself, walking and talking.

Why this blog?
When we came home from 56 days in hospital after Sofea's birth, we were faced with a world of uncertainty. We had no idea what had happened Sofea beyond what the doctors could explain, we had never known anyone else who had been through the same thing. So I started this blog in the hope that no matter what her outcomes we could shows a positive story and provide a place for others to find information about HIE and related topics.

We had no ideas just how positive Sofea's story would be, but we are delighted to share it with everyone, and we hope it can help as many people as possible.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments any time at:



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